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    vols and original, bespoke tailoring, leather coat, leather bomber jacket, dress, amen break, outerwear


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    About Us


    Established in 2014, Vols & Original is a London based brand of custom-made outerwear and couture creations.

    The designs, originally crafted for private orders by notorious VIP clients across the UK, soon became popular within their network and the positive response was the turning point that led to the creation of the label.

    The inspiration behind the brand comes from the desire of two souls, Bart ‘Vols’  and Natalia ‘Original’ to share their love for fashion, art and music with the world.

    Bespoke tailoring, along with this duo’s passions - music and craftsmanship - are the core identities of the brand. The concept is an inseparable design process where creation and music blend to shape the mood and rhythm of every piece.

     Bart is a professional DJ and his passion for mixing is the narrative essence that brings voltage and volume to the crafting vibe. Having spent his early years at his grandfather’s tannery learning crafting techniques, he now holds the legacy of the family secret to produce unique luxury.

     And Natalia, whose heritage includes a family of jewelers , furriers and designers, combines creativity with her fashion marketing background. As a child, she used to watch her mother and grandfather designing and tailoring garments. Soon she replaced her toys with chalk, scissors and needle. A girl’s curiosity became attention to detail and her DNA was urging her to create again and again.

    This is why every V&O design is created using the finest materials. Leather and cashmere are sourced from high standard Italian manufacturers and are carefully selected to create the perfectly tailored outerwear.

     Casual enough for the day but elegant and charming for the night, the patterns are cut to enhance the feminine silhouette. Vols & Original’s crafts are an exclusive fusion of classic laid back luxe and contemporary details that never go out of style.


    - If you believe in something, you’ll find a way to make it happen – 



    Vols & Original